Annual Member-Owner Meeting on Dec. 14

Hello New Leaf Market Member-Owners!

We are excited to invite you to the Annual Member-Owner Meeting on

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Kress Library (333 N. Broadway, De Pere), lower level. Join us from 5:30-6:00 p.m. for a social gathering with light refreshments to get to know fellow co-op member-owners. The official meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m.

The agenda will be as follows:

1. Call to order
2. Welcome/Introduction of board of directors
3. Determination of quorum
4. Proof of due notice of meeting
5. Approval of minutes
6. Annual reports:

* President - Report on progress   
* Finance   
* Site update   
* Membership & Marketing

7. Unfinished business
8. New business
9. Election of Directors
10. Question & Answer period
11. Closing remarks
12. Adjournment

This meeting will be a great place to meet your fellow co-op members and the board of directors, to sign up for volunteer opportunities, to hear the latest news on the status of the food cooperative, and most importantly - share your thoughts! We hope you will join us! As member-owners you will have the opportunity to elect board members for three open positions.

See below for information regarding nominations and the election.

Every member bring a member! Every member who brings in a new member to sign up at this meeting will receive a New Leaf Market tote bag! So bring in friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors who want to be part of this exciting initiative.


New Leaf Market Cooperative Board of Directors,

Pete Angilello, Green Bay Area Public Schools (retired)
Katelyn Hanke, Manager of Financial Analysis for Mergers & Acquisitions, TeamHealth
Jim Lemsky, SR VP Europe, Hain Celestial Group (retired)
Tracy Flucke, Vice-President, WE BIKE, etc.
Katie Renier, Local lover of co-ops
Lynn Walter, UW-Green Bay Center for Food in Community and Culture (retired)
Megan Olson Hunt, Assistant Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences (Statistics), UW-Green Bay

New Leaf Market Co-op Board Nominations

Being a start-up, New Leaf Market Co-op needs your time, expertise, and leadership! There are three open Board of Director positions for member-owners interested in working hard to make the co-op a reality in your community. Serving on the Board is your chance to help secure New Leaf’s vision of sustainable food security for yourselves, your children, and future generations.

To be considered for Board membership, there are two options:

1.Complete the nomination form and return it by November 14, 2016 according to the instructions on the form. At that time, the Nominating Committee will review nominees and propose a slate for the Board elections.
2. Obtain a petition from five member-owners according to the instructions on the nomination form. Individuals nominated by petition will be automatically be added to the slate of nominees without being reviewed by the Nominating Committee.

Board time commitment
* Meetings: Twice a month for two hours each
* Other: Often at least five additional hours per month outside of Board meetings for preparation, planning, and implementation of Board and committee work

We’re in need of special skills – are you the one we’re looking for?
We’re especially looking for people who have experience in: co-ops, retail grocery management, local food vendors and distribution, store design, marketing, legal, fund-raising, and financing.

Eligibility, expectations, and qualifications of Board membership
* Be a New Leaf Market member-owner in good standing
* Faithfully honor all legal obligations that come with Directorship, which include:

o Duty of care: Make informed decisions in good faith, act as a prudent person, use a good process for decision making, be honest, ensure adequate record keeping
o Duty of loyalty: Always act in the best interest of the cooperative, disclose and avoid conflicts of interest, engage in no self-dealing, maintain confidentiality
o Duty of attention/diligence: Attend meetings, participate in discussions, be prepared, review     materials, ask questions, know and adhere to state laws and co-op bylaws, support Board decisions and policies, honor contracts, ensure payment of all tax obligations

* State all potential conflicts of interest on the nomination form and do not have an overriding conflict of interest
* Be familiar with and adhere to the Co-op’s bylaws and policies
* Prepare for and actively participate in bi-monthly Board meetings
* Attend Board training sessions and the annual owner meeting
* Respond to frequent Board work-related email communications
* Be willing to take responsibility for Board duties and to work together with understanding, mutual support, and respect
* Keep information and materials confidential
* Have the qualities of honesty, integrity, flexibility, and common sense
* Be able to communicate ideas with confidence; listen and respond with mutual respect
* Note that during the start-up period, the term could be either be for one, two, or three years

Upcoming board activities: The board will spend most of 2017 on the following activities:
* Finalizing a site
* Defining store layout and design
* Finalizing site build-out requirements and costs
* Finalizing general store equipment and inventory costs* Conducting a Member Preferred Stock Campaign
* Recruiting a general manager* Marketing and communication, including:

o Building community relations with similar organizations
o Branding the store and continuing to build community awareness
o Overseeing community-building social and educational events
o Growing the number of Co-op member-owners

Contact: Please contact the Board President, Lynn Walter, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the subject line “New Leaf Board Nomination” if you have any questions about serving on the Board or nominating someone.

We look forward to talking with you about serving on the
New Leaf Market Co-op Board!

Community-Owned Grocery Store? Make It New Leaf Market!

There’s been a lot of dedicated efforts to solidify a community-owned grocery store, featuring healthy, local food. Our response? The answer is New Leaf Market! When talking to friends and neighbors about this initiative, here are 5 quick hits that can help you explain what our store will be:

  1. New Leaf Market, you mean the New Leaf Winter Farmers Market?
    No!  New Leaf Market will be a full-service (you can get your cheerios, Kashi & toothpaste), member-owned, cooperative grocery store that will feature local, healthy, fair-priced food for the community.  It will look like your neighborhood grocery store with aisles of produce, dairy, bulk foods, meats, beer & wine, non-perishables, health & beauty, deli, bakery and so much more.  Not open yet, but on its way! New Leaf Market is one of the partners participating in the New Leaf Winter Farmers Market, which we started with Downtown Green Bay, Inc.

  2. Membership?  I just want to shop there!
    Everyone can shop at New Leaf Market! You don’t have to be a member-owner to enjoy the high quality food, fair prices and educational information provided by New Leaf Foods.  You just get added perks if you are.

  3. I want a Trader Joes/Whole Foods, will I like New Leaf Market?
    Absolutely!  If you want a Trader Joes or Whole Foods, you will want New Leaf Market!  We are the local, authentic option when it comes to healthy, whole foods.  We will carry many of the things you will find at either of those stores, but will offer more locally produced and grown food.  Plus it’s owned by OUR community. Not someone in another state, meaning more of our dollars spent at New Leaf Market will stay in the community. 

  4. You say where?
    New Leaf Market Co-op has identified a site in De Pere with good parking, on a main thoroughfare with public transportation access.

  5. I want to shop there now!
    New Leaf Market Co-op will open as soon as we secure our financing.  Over 860 member-owners already support the vision of New Leaf Market having purchased their $180 share (one time cost), having pledged over $425,000 in member-owner investments and continuing to spread the word about New Leaf Market.  There is more work to be done, but we are taking the right steps.

Help make New Leaf Market the solution.  Become a member-owner hereThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want to volunteer!

Update to Members

Hello New Leaf Co-op Members,

Financing New Leaf Market Co-op means continuing to grow our membership, to share our resources and to work very hard to realize our vision of a healthy community food hub owned by all of us. It also means finding a site where a professional market analysis projects profitability and cash flow attractive enough to secure external funds.

With the help of several downtown Green Bay business advocates, New Leaf Market Co-op volunteers looked for five years for that site in downtown Green Bay, where we saw a need and wanted to fill it. Because we were not able to secure a feasible site during a reasonable time period, at the end of 2014 we announced that we would expand our search area to include sites outside of downtown Green Bay, while also continuing to search in downtown.




Welcome to NEW LEAF MARKET a community based, self-sustaining cooperative that will be operating in the heart of De Pere. Our full-service, member owned, cooperative will combine the fresh flavors of the local farmers market, the convenience of a supermarket and a wide selection of specialty natural foods for the health conscious consumer – just like YOU and your friends and neighbors.

And if that isn’t enough to get you in the door, you’ll be enticed by the smell of fresh brewed, fair trade coffee; delectable bakery treats; and healthy snacks from the deli café.

So what is a cooperative? How can I get involved and become a founding member? What awaits me at the NEW LEAF MARKET? Learn more with a simple click on our adjacent pages.


What exactly is a Co-op?

Watch the video below to find out!

Video Courtesy of Food COOP Initiative

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page.