2016 Nominees for the New Leaf Market Co-op Board of Directors

The Annual New Leaf Membership Meeting  will be held on
Wednesday, Dec. 6 at Allouez Community Center, 2143 S. Webster (parking in rear).
Registration starts at 5:30 and the meeting at 6:00pm.
Nominees for the 2017 New Leaf Market Cooperative Board of Directors election include:
Pete Angilello
Carrie Cameron-McDonald
Lynn Walter


Recommended nominees were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Skills necessary for a successful board

  • Diversity of skills represented

  • Skill coverage in the following key areas - people who have experience in co-ops, retail grocery management, local food vendors and distribution, store design, marketing, legal, fundraising, and financing

  • Experience

  • Proven dedication and interest to the success of New Leaf Market Co-op through ongoing involvement with the co-op and/or organizations that will or have collaborated with the co-op

New Leaf Market Cooperative Nominees

Pete Angilello - Having served on New Leaf Market Cooperative’s board and co-chairing the Member Loan Campaign, I was also involved in Green Bay's first food co-op both as a board member and president of the Evergreen Grocery Co-op for several years. I am excited to be a part of this community initiative to help reestablish our connection with our food sources and how they are grown.

With my grant-writing, networking and event planning skills, I hope to ensure that the New Leaf Market will be a vital urban community center that will stimulate a demand for healthy foods and sustainable growing. I am especially hopeful that New Leaf will serve diverse and low-income communities, both addressing food access disparities and increasing fresh and healthy choices in the food support system (i.e. food banks). We will need to be active partners with other businesses and organizations in the area to share both our mission and goals of helping to provide an economic livelihood for Northeast Wisconsin sustainable farmers and food businesses.

Carrie Cameron-McDonald - I have many years of retail experience, beginning with my  great grandparents and grandparents, who owned a neighborhood grocery store. I have also had the opportunity to serve as a retail manager. Currently, I am enjoying my role as a sales representative for a wine and spirits distributor. I strongly believe in the value of community and having wholesome local food choices. Combining these ideas will make The New Leaf Market Co-op a worthy regional asset.

Lynn Walter -I am Founding Director of UWGB’s Center for Food in Community and Culture and co-editor of Critical Food Issues: Problems and State of the Art Solutions. I grew up on a farm and worked my way through school as cook at the Green Lantern Co-op restaurant in Madison, WI.

My experience and passion for promoting healthy, local food will help sustain the time-consuming and complicated project of establishing New Leaf Market Cooperative and creating a thriving and vital community food hub. My vision for New Leaf Market Co-op is that it serve as a food hub for Northeast Wisconsin, connecting consumers, growers, and artisan producers to support health and wellness, prosperous local farm and food businesses, good jobs, equitable communities, and a thriving local food economy.